Rhythm of Elevation

by Faith In Jane

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All tracks recorded LIVE by Chris Kozlowski at the HIHQ (Llewellyn household) EXCEPT for track 4 "Passage" recorded at Kozlowski's Polar Bear Lair.



released November 13, 2016

Alex Llewellyn - Drums, Mandolin + Vocals track 4
Brendan Winston - Bass, Vocals track 4
Dan Mize - Guitar, Vocals, Banjo track 4

Dylan Schwab - Guitar track 4 *



all rights reserved


Faith In Jane Thurmont, Maryland

The Faith in Jane sound. A groove laden blend of stoner/doom metal played with power and technical skill. An individual sound with instrumental prowess. faithinjane@gmail.com
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Track Name: The Ritual
A world of paranoia
A world of parasites
Trees bent by locust
Children die terrified in fire

I will suppress my wrath
Follow sativa’s path
Inhale my focus
Exhale troubles now past and laugh

I’ve found a paradise
A different state of mind
Shifting the paradigm
Way to the other side

The ritual
Light up and pray
A lung for Jane
I’m high again
Track Name: Trip and Watch the World Burn
Color me shades of green with hints of purple in between
Shelter me sonically. Crippled by society
Oh render me obsolete. Consumed by this worn out scene…reality

Where is the love and the reason was it a dream?
Pain ain’t going away as the seasons change
The race is run or has it just begun?
My bones grind from the gears of this life
Broken mind

Broken hearts. Dismal dreams. Frozen in the in between
From the start constantly. Swim out of this endless stream
And follow me to sanctuary
Let love enter spiritually

Although the snakes of this world are in control
Don’t let them pervert or destroy you. Shelter your soul
Don’t lose yourself in this day to day hell
It’s time we break free from ourselves and fly
Endless skies.
Track Name: Mushroom Man
Mushroom man
Speak your mind
Bless these hills
With your kind

Blessed spore
Grant rebirth
Speak my soul
Voice of earth

Wandering my mind
Conjuring sunshine
Perfect vision natural and aware

Dwell not in despair
Music is a prayer
Joyful spirit stops to listen

Take me to my home
Mountains that I roam
Mildew glistens dreams of evergreen

Shining sun will cure
Simple, warm and pure
Life’s flow vivid, guides your every choice

Rise up and rejoice
Lift your spirits voice
Sing a praise to all creation

Now you got yourself a true sensation
Cosmic driven love vibration
Hateful heart illuminate and cease
Prepare my natural soul…..to be released
Track Name: Passage
Way to the other side
Track Name: Daze of High Adventure
Rise now from your slumber catch the spirit of the sun
Free your mind of all mankind a new age has begun
Climb aboard a sun ship ride it far beyond the grave
Psychedelic vessel sailing on transcendent waves
Drain all of my pain
Change ways of my brain
Drain all of my pain

Free your mind now supernatural push yourself beyond
Slay the gods that man has made and dance in the new dawn
Tear your flesh mechanical your naked soul’s what’s left
Push yourself into the void the only dream is death

I hear the planet dying don’t you hear it cry
Wrap me in a cosmic womb and let it phase my mind
I’ve got Saturn’s rings circling around my eye

Living life without love baby that’s just suicide
Turn on up with me
Yeah baby now you’re amplified
Take a ride on a sun ship have a supernatural high
Take a trip to the cosmos baby we’re electrified
Track Name: Farewell
They say all good things must end fare thee well friend
Now on euphoric wings you fly some say with god I say the other side
With sorrows hands I hold my head mourning song lullaby
I need your love so bad in my soul all the time

All of your blessings spread about all the love you left behind
So in the darkness I’ll find a glimpse of you to light my way
So let us drink to better days now that you’re so far away
I need your love so bad in my soul all the time
Track Name: Return
Released and reborn, bisect blood from soul
This flesh that we’ve worn, now one with the earth
You’ll feel no more pain…
We’ve been here before and now we’ve returned
Death is not the end my friend, tis only a turn
You’ll have no concern….
Our shelter spans far across the beyond. Home in the stars……………….
Fly on little flame

We gaze at the sights more vibrant than sunlight
I won’t know your name but I’ll love you just the same
Embrace the unknown it is not a choice
One heart one soul one mind one voice

The deathless remain now one conscious mind
Sin, guilt, pain and woe now long left behind
Lightyears behind…..

BREAKING FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Face your fears with me baby
Your mind’s at ease
Don’t fear no death don’t fear life
Although its pain sometimes
Reach out your hand for mine
Make me feel good make me feel alive
Depression is drained from my soul
Like the flesh that was cloth to my skull

Sailing’ on astral waves
Your ship rocks easy
Colors beyond your imagination
Are pouring down on you like rain
Reach out your hand for mine
Make me feel good make me feel alive
Your eyes they shimmer so bright
Spirit of phoenix take flight

We’ve been here before and now we’ve returned………