Faith In Jane - Call Of The Wolf EP

by Faith In Jane

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison The tags say – Reggae & Sabbath. Well that would be an interesting fusion, I thought. The first two songs turned out to be reminiscent of Sabbath and the next two songs were along the lines of Ragga Death or a metal version of Sublime. Although these songs are brilliant in their own right, it’s the last song, Longbottom Leaf, were all the magic happens & that fusion I was after appears. And it is GOOD! Favorite track: Longbottom Leaf.
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released July 1, 2012

Daniel Mize - Guitar, vox
Alexander Llewellyn - Drums
Brendan Winston - Bass

Recorded by Ashley Maccabee
Tragic Recordings
Sabillasville, Maryland



all rights reserved


Faith In Jane Thurmont, Maryland

The Faith in Jane sound. A groove laden blend of stoner/doom metal played with power and technical skill. An individual sound with instrumental prowess.
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Track Name: Whale Riders
Deep into abyssal plain
Whale riders follow flame
Aquatic shrine is raised
Sea beast is held in praise
To drown the unworthy
A nautical journey
Into calypso’s deep
Enter lysergic sleep now
There’s nothing left to strive
Atlantic life revived
Earth shaker will arise
Poseidon calms the tide
Track Name: JBW/No Respect
Early in the morning and it’s time go
Everybody’s lined up at the liquor store
Your mother and your father out begging for more
I’ve been standing right here for an hour or so
Right here at your front door ah yeah
It’s a regretful thing I’m pretty bored
A million knocks that you ignored
Years gone by I’m still not sure
Why I’m here to you it’s crystal clear
We’ve ruined your party and drank all your beer
You’re so overcome by fear
As Faith in Jane just disappear
Yeah black cloud of smoke
Too many tokes and now we’re broke
Some people need to take the joke
They’re downtown tryin to score some dope
Now I can see that you won’t let me go
It’s obvious by now I know
I’m talking straight at you
That whiskey’s got me roped

You’ll be the death of me
Jim beam whiskey
As if by prophecy
Somebody fix me

Everything is failing everything is lost
Everyone complaining about the cost
And everyone is fed up wanna kill they’re boss
18 years feeling double crossed
Yeah it’s a real shame
People coming up sayin life’s a game
Too many people and too many names
18 years feelin just the same
18 years and nothing’s changed
18 years and who’s to blame
Through heat and cold and hail and rain
We stand here as Faith in Jane
Now that it’s been set in place
We’re throwing this shit right in your face
I can’t keep up with the pace
All my time you love to waste

Give up my state of mind
Leave it on the outside
Hallowed out and miles wide
Burned out as last time

(concerning metal)

Sick of all this, sick
Of everything I hear today
Who taught you morons how to play?
No respect
Whatever happened to leather and spikes?
All these dudes look just like dykes
No respect

You’re gonna put metal right in the grave
With a nail in its coffin, you’re so fuckin lame
No respect
The same damn breakdown again and again
Metal is real, what you do is a trend
No respect
Bands like you make me sick to death
Talentless assholes, give it a rest
Ruining the thing that fills the hole in my chest
Sabbath and whiskey just does it the best

And I cannot wait until
You’re shitty fuckin sound comes to an end
Everything that’s wrong
With music is right there in your shitty trend
So fuckin sick of this
I guess that ignorance is truly bliss
So sick to death of it
Don’t call it metal when it’s not you fucking idiots
Track Name: Mellow Down
Laugh at myself I'm on the edge
I'm growing closer and closer to losin my head
And time is no concern and all is said
The book is read hey whats that overhead
Empty street, dim lit room
Where booze is consumed you know the same old tune
Now who's that knockin round my way
Makes me think of yesterdays
When you felt the same
And now I know that it's a real shame
Things aren't that way, but that's okay just
Move along don't let it keep ya bound
Walk through it like mist and mellow down
And I feel as one

Hit the pipe heavy cuz I'm feeling that the levee's gonna break
Accept mistakes and look towards tomorrow in a positive way

The city looks okay from far away
But I'm stayin far away across that line
I'm not gonna lie not everything is fine
Makes it hard to keep the good thoughts i mind
Still keepin on smoke what I got
Riff the shit out and free all the thoughts

And I feel as one

Hit the pipe heavy cuz I'm feeling that the levee's gonna break
Accept mistakes and look towards tomorrow in a positive way
Track Name: Call Of The Wolf
Standing again between the outs and ins
Beginning and end something trying to force me in
I got my hands in the wrong place again
Rich wine and bread I wish to taste again
Wolves on my trail I’m racing home
Kick down the door to be alone
Wise man told me to stay away
I should have done what I was told

This disturbance overwhelms me
The lycan moon compels me

Call of the wolf I shiver cold
Claw at my face I’m growing old
Transform to beast with taste for blood
Destroy the man that I once was

Creep through the woods a wicked beast
My stomach burns for human feast
I got my claws in the right place again
I’m waking up I’m soaked in blood again
Standing again between the outs and ins
Oh, silver bullet bring me to an end
Destroy the monster I’ve come
Destroy the man that I once was

This disturbance overwhelms me
The lycan moon compels me

Call of the wolf!
Track Name: Longbottom Leaf
At the bottom and yet still looking over
In between overboard and below her
Not enough in it to keep me from thinking
In this ship that is forever sinking
Far beyond the deepest ocean of sorrow
Where every day takes half away from tomorrow
We found a method to correct all the madness
Through drink and smoke we finally lost the sadness
So onward now to the star in the north sky
There’s a lot of people waiting to get by
In the desert where you’re either dead or dry
Drink the tears right out your eyes

At the bottom looking down at you
Underneath and over through and through
Thought I’d see the best of you saw the worst of me
Now what are we trying to be human being not for me
Wanna let the animal out wanna rip it out your mouth
Now we’re back to basics recycling old faces
Trying to fill up empty spaces
Now on shores unknown in isolation or not alone
Graveyard shifts around this place ghost of old don’t show there face
Dying dead to find a place life put to waste
At the bottom looking down at you.......though I'd see the best of you